Ordering System

Web Development

Digital ordering system mobile based application and is a modern and interactive way to order food. It has a user friendly interactive interface which provides easy and quick ordering of theguest, enabling restaurants and hotel to improve business and customer services. It is not only a digital menu instead of printed menu, but its a sales and marketing tool. It will show the class of restaurant by replacing outdated paper menus, and at the same time it will provide guest with attractive features.

Customer Benefits :
  • Table booking on first come first serve basis
  • Easy to use interactive digital menu
  • Access high quality images of your menu items
  • Items details, Ingredients, calorie count preparation time and more
  • easy food selection by attractive visual
  • Onscreen ordering, bill view and payment
  • Clarity about serving time for the patrons
  • Food review and rating by precious customers
  • Sharing feedback with friends enables social media promotions
Management Benefits :
  • Faster turnaround time leading to higher earnings
  • Optimized manpower & eliminate human errors
  • Additional revenue through advertising
  • Effective feedback mechanism
  • Strengthen brand image and customer loyalty
  • Promote weekly / daily special & new arrivals
  • Increased sales by attractive food visuals
  • Promote favorite dishes leading to upselling
  • Convenient , easy and fast payment option
Miscellaneous features :
  • Dish details
  • Kitchen Notes
  • Onscreen Ordering
  • Facebook integration
  • Multilingual ( English & Arabic)
  • Search and Sort
  • Call Service
  • Star Rating
  • Promo Banner and Video
  • Order Desk and Back office support
  • Printer and monitor


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