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Top 5 Services to Outsource to a Call Centre in Pune – India

By outsourcing a variety of communications and administrative tasks to call centres in Pune, business leaders are reaping the results of having qualified experts meet their organization’s needs without incurring the burden of recruitment. This approach also allows their current employees to focus their efforts on their respective areas of expertise.

If you’re unfamiliar with the notion of engaging a call centre to support your business, perhaps you’re still learning about what’s possible and the full extent of the benefits it can provide. To help you as you consider your business management options, we have compiled a list of the five most popular services savvy businesses are outsourcing to call centres in Pune.

1. Traditional Telephone Answering Services

Calling a business is something that most of us do, for one reason or another, every day. At times, the seemingly simple act of answering the telephone is not so simple. You may not have the time to answer phones on your own, or, like many businesses, perhaps you’ve found that the infrastructure, resources and dollars required to staff reception internally is prohibitive. Regardless of your situation, every missed call could mean a missed opportunity—and worse, potentially losing a customer to a competitor. A Pune call centre can help by greeting potential and existing customers who phone your business in a professional, efficient manner—helping save you the cost of staffing, providing the benefit of time-tested and professional service, and helping you extend your reception coverage when and how you need it, up to 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.

2. Multi-Lingual Representation

One of the beauties of Pune is its cultural diversity, but from an organization’s perspective, reaching customers and providing superior service in multiple languages can prove a challenge. A call centre in Pune should be willing and able to represent you in both in English and French as required by both you and your customers.

3. Check-In Services & Work-Alone Legislation Compliance

Indian legislation may mandate certain requirements regarding the health and safety of your employees in certain situations. Depending on your circumstances, regular check-ins may be a solution, and can be accomplished via email, voicemail, SMS, or satellite. One way a call centre supports industry is by functioning as the check-in service, monitoring your workers’ safety and, if it is ever needed, reacting to any issue or emergency according to the process you define.

4. Online Customer Service

It could be argued that “call centre” no longer captures the full suite of services available, as many offer a range of professional services that extend well beyond the telephone. As our society and economy grow and change, more people than ever are doing their research, conducting business and making purchases online. A quality Pune call centre can support you in your online customer service efforts, whether by conducting a live web chats, answering emails and beyond.

5. Sales Team Support

Lead generation, cold calling, data capturing, cross-selling, up-selling, pre-campaign database cleanup…When it comes right down to it, the number of ways that a call centre can support your sales team is stunning. Operators initiate the sales cycle as a representative of your business, creating a first impression to the customer on the line. They may then move beyond impressions alone to engage the client, create interest, and capture data. Often, an operator can even qualify leads or close a deal immediately with hot leads, if that is your wish.

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